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One thing that is certain about the projects we carried out in the last couple of years, is the diversity of the subject matter: From an educational installation about eggs to selling meat in a public auction, and from theorizing about yoghurt to contextualizing saffron. This diversity exemplifies the endless possibilities that lay within food design. Nonetheless, there is a regularly recurring concept in our work, namely the interaction between crafts, industry and time. Have a look at some of our projects!
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Zuiderzee Condiments

The Zuiderzee Museum showcases everyday life in the former Zuiderzee (South Sea) region of the Netherlands. The specific culture in this region has faded away »

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In exploring the kitchen and the eating habits of the former Zuiderzee area, we found that the traditional recipes from this bygone culture do not »

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Polderwafels (potato waffles)

The Zuiderzee was closed off from the North Sea in 1932. Thereafter, part of the water was embanked. That happened for two important reasons: firstly, »

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Laying roosters: sunny side up!

Food waste exists in all kind of forms. It can be the food that we throw away, like the leaves of the cauliflower, or the »

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The Zuiderzeemuseum

A cup of coffee, a sandwich or a serving of fries: these are a couple of things that one can order at the restaurant in »

yoghurt klok
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The Yoghurt Clock: a paradigm

The Yoghurt Clock is an autonomic research project, which resulted in a scaled model. This so-called paradigm shows us what a process can look like, »

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Patécafé FoodLabPeel

FoodLabPeel is an artproject about the social issue of food and food production and the influence of food on culture. De project specifically addresses the »

Mannenvlees BBQ 05
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Male meat

Male animals are a waste product of the meat and dairy industry. Males are regarded as waste and are killed almost instantly after their birth. The »

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With a ‘golden’ lining

Saffron is the one of most expensive spices on earth, potentially costing up to 8,000 euros per kilo. As a result, saffron is also aptly »