Creative consulting

Verkade biscuits

Millionaire’s hothead – Lemon Break – Banana Head – Cinnamon Fun – Carrot Bake: our crunchy take on barista’s favorites is suitable for everyday enjoyment!

concept for ‘Barista’ cookies

Commissioned by Verkade, we developed a concept for new biscuits. Verkade is well-known for its “café noir” biscuits with coffee-flavored glazing. To expand the platform of coffee and tea companions, we were asked to come up with new ideas. Instead of expanding on coffee-variations, we thought of the many specific cakes and cookies one can find in coffee bars. In our concept “barista cookies” we created crunchy biscuit variations inspired by the barista’s favorites.

conceptual packaging and product / taste samples

We created the concept within the given guidelines of Verkade’s innovation platforms. We made prototypes as well as product and flavor samples, and we created a conceptual package. Hereafter, Verkade’s R&D team took over and translated it into a biscuit recipe ready for their production line: Verkade Meesterbaksels.
Verkade Meesterbaksels was awarded ‘best introduction 2019‘.