Designing a creative workshop for Protein Delta

How do you generate ideas and commitment to realise a large and complext ambition? Professionals in the sustainable protein sector of Zeeland (companies, institutions, research centres, policy makers) already formulated a joint ambition to create a “Protein Delta” together. The Protein Delta would be a community, an experience, it would have an academy, generate knowledge and introduce design & innovation in sustainable protein production. But what do these words really mean, specifically?
To get all stakeholders to come up with ideas how to start realizing the Protein Delta, we have designed a workshop in collaboration with Food Delta Zeeland. Seventeen specific ideas, all linked to the 5 pillars of Protein Delta mentioned above, have been created in this workshop of one afternoon.

For the workshop we created an installation and a handheld tool, to support and guide creativity and make sure all generated ideas would fit within the guidelines of the ambition that already had been formulated. Participants would generate ideas with several factors that we selected: for what to do, how to do it, for whom it would be done, and with whom it could be brought to life. This way of generating ideas made sure that partnerships among the stakeholders were encapsulated into every idea, from the very beginning.

Everyone pitched their idea, and why this idea was of value for them. Afterwards, all ideas were collected on the back of the installation and participants committed to the ideas of their choice. New consortiums were formed to take the next step: start building projects in coherence with the over-all ambition of the Protein Delta.

Commissioned by Province of Zeeland. All photos by Viorella Luciana Photography.