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Making School: the future of professional education

The exhibition Making School researches the future of professional education for youngsters. During the Dutch Design Week 2016 thirteen design teams presented their research in an exhibition that kept on growing, every day. The teams researched for which professions the youth of today and tomorrow were educated. And what kind of learning environment and method accompanies these studies?

Foodcurators participated in this exhibition with the element School Lunch. During this special lunch, invitees were invited to discuss food related Maker Education. We used the Yoghurt Clock in the exhibition as a starting point and paradigm.

Foodcurators think that in the future of professional education, personal food choices of the students will play an important role. Students can profile themselves with their personal vision on food, something that is deeper than just learning how to cook. Also, it is important to create hybride professions. With these options the students can get the opportunity to broaden the professional area of food to other disciplines, and come to innovations. In this way we can look differently at future food-related professions.

Making School is an exhibitions of Studio Makkink & Bey in collaboration with designer Dirk Osinga (do|ob). The exhibition was made possible by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.



The Yoghurt Clock on the table – Picture: Merle Bergers


Designer Lucas Mullié (Foodcurators) tells about his experiences with, and vision on professional education. – Picture: Merle Bergers