Polderwafels (potato waffles)


The Zuiderzee was closed off from the North Sea in 1932. Thereafter, part of the water was embanked. That happened for two important reasons: firstly, as a protection against extreme flooding and secondly, to create stable food supplies for the nation. The former seabed became fertile farmland, but as an added result several of fishermen lost their livelihood.  Now that the South Sea has become a lake and the reclaimed land is used to for potato cultivation, this new food supply offers plenty possibilities for new local products. After all, the potato could be regarded as the cornerstone of Dutch cuisine. The potato waffle is an example of a possible local product, in which “Frieslander” potatoes are prepared in form of a sweet pastry. The so-called bland potato is suddenly transformed into a tasty treat!Polderwafel FC

Polderwaffles are part of a larger project for Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen. You can read about it here.