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ZuiderzeeFood Milan

Milan 2018 Ventura Future 17-20 April

From 17-22 April 2018, Zuiderzeemuseum and Foodcurators presented their collaboration “ZuiderzeeFood” during Salone del Mobile in Milan. In Ventura Future (FuturDome), thousands of visitors tasted »

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Zuiderzee Condiments

The Zuiderzee Museum showcases everyday life in the former Zuiderzee (South Sea) region of the Netherlands. The specific culture in this region has faded away »

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In exploring the kitchen and the eating habits of the former Zuiderzee area, we found that the traditional recipes from this bygone culture do not »

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Polderwafels (potato waffles)

The Zuiderzee was closed off from the North Sea in 1932. Thereafter, part of the water was embanked. That happened for two important reasons: firstly, »

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Laying roosters: sunny side up!

Food waste exists in all kind of forms. It can be the food that we throw away, like the leaves of the cauliflower, or the »

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The Zuiderzeemuseum

A cup of coffee, a sandwich or a serving of fries: these are a couple of things that one can order at the restaurant in »

Commercial Projects

Danone Activia concept development

Foodcurators was asked to give our vision about a possible rebranding of Activia yoghurt. The Activia brand is well known for the added Bifidus bacteria, »

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Foodcurators @ Dutch Design Week ’17  – The Egg-game

Since a couple of years, the Dutch Design Week has a strong presence of Food Design, and this year it’s no different. Agri meets Design »

Commercial Projects

Danone Hotellery

Foodcurators was asked by Danone to provide a unique concept for the Danone Original yoghurt that is offered during breakfast in hotels. The concept Foodcurators »

Commercial Projects

Danone for Work

Danone for Work is a follow up of the Hotellery concept we developed earlier for Danone. The idea  of customizing the way you eat your »

Commercial Projects

Ana Love

Ana Love is a brand that produces fruit breads and spreads that are suitable for food pairing with, for example, cheeses or sausage. For Ana »

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Making School: the future of professional education

The exhibition Making School researches the future of professional education for youngsters. During the 2016 Dutch Design Week, thirteen design teams presented their research at »

yoghurt klok
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The Yoghurt Clock: a paradigm

The Yoghurt Clock is an autonomic research project, which resulted in a scaled model. This so-called paradigm shows us what a process can look like, »

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Patécafé FoodLabPeel

FoodLabPeel is an artproject about the social issue of food and food production and the influence of food on culture. De project specifically addresses the »

Pakhuis de Zwijger 17-06-2016
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Future Series #6 Food&Design

On June 17th 2016 the sixth edition of the design talkshow ‘Future Series’ took place, with the theme Food & Design. Main guest Marije Vogelzang »

Mannenvlees BBQ 05
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Male meat

Male animals are a waste product of the meat and dairy industry. Males are regarded as waste and are killed almost instantly after their birth. The »

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Made in Knoal – guiding young designers

What can you design with potatoes, hemp and saffron? Six starting designers face this challenge in Made of Knoal, a project of Centrum Beeldende Kunst »

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With a ‘golden’ lining

Saffron is the one of most expensive spices on earth, potentially costing up to 8,000 euros per kilo. As a result, saffron is also aptly »

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Infinite Sausage Machine: The Never-Ending Dish

The Infinite Sausage Machine is a nod to the interaction between industry and crafts. The machine squeezes a uniform product on a conveyor belt. A person »

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Tradition X Industry: a proposal for public food production

The demand for traditional food is ever growing. What is traditional exactly? Is it handmade, an artisanal recipe, or connected to folklore? The term ‘traditional’ is »

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Knowing Food: Future Scenarios on the Slovenian Design Biennial

Knowing Food was part of the program of the Slovenian Design Biennial (BIO50). Foodcurators was asked to curate this project and mentor twelve international professionals »

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The world of Foodcurators: Collective 2 Design Fair NYC

The World of Foodcurators was a conceptual project in which we revealed our continuous search for the definition of a food curator. The project consists of five scaled »

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Foodcurators in movie about Keep An Eye Grant

Foodcurators began with Lucas Mullié’s bachelor thesis project. Lucas graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2010 with the project: ‘The Industrialised tradition’. He won the »

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Foodconvertors: time as an ingredient

Foodconvertors are our vision on the kitchen of the future, with a focus on the most important question, posed as how can one combine cooking with a »